Wales and back.


My most recent film and adventure.

Fomapan 200 and Wales!

This is my first roll of black and white, (technically my second but you know how that went if you read my last blog “Thoughtless Kodak”.)

I shot this roll, while I travelled to Wales and back to work on some music with Steve Bush.

Steve produced Stereophonics for years, and has worked with many other amazing musicians!

Great guy too!

I was feeling my way trying to see in tone more than colour.

I’ve found my results pretty pleasing, but I have plenty of room for improvement.

Even before I had any results back, I had two views to black and white as to why I think it’s great, but yet not so great, all at the same time.

It’s great

Even if it’s not completely in focus, or the composition isn’t amazing, every shot I ever see in b&w looks at least okay.

It’s got the edgy look, b&w can do no harm.

If it has a nice white border around it, it looks complete.

The tones are a family, that unite together well.

It’s not so great

The reason why it’s great, is almost the same reason I’m not too enthusiastic about it.

It’s too easy. Even when I’ve really put effort into the shot, the first thing your eyes see is black, white and grey tones.

You automatically like the tones, before paying real attention to the smaller details.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think colour brings a lot more to the table.

I hope I’m not sounding too negative.

I collected these opinions before shooting it, just from looking at other peoples work.

Having used it myself, my opinions still stand.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun shooting this roll.

Looking at the world, trying to see it through Fomapan eyes!

I’m happy with a lot of the shots, and will definitely be shooting my remaining two rolls.

Steve and his lovely wife Col had decided to get a collie puppy.

Lucky for me, I turned up around the same time and got to spend three days with this gorgeous pup.

Before you observe these photos:

Just try and conceive the difficulty of having a 50mm lense, where the closest you can focus is about arms length.

I was trying to focus on a teething, bouncing, puppy who thinks my fingers are a lovely snack.

Not perfect, but undeniably cute.

These next few photos aren’t anything special, but it makes me sad.

I was sitting on the train, the last stop before Wales, very excited.

I looked out the window, and thought I’d just capture the platform and people stood on it.

The first one, is quite obviously people getting off.

The second was once they had cleared and what was left was the sad reality of today.

Heads down, looking at a phone.

Now you’re obviously looking at a screen to be reading this now, and I love the internet for connecting with people and sharing creativity. If you are reading this, then I’m very grateful that you’ve taken the time to read my thoughts, and look at how I capture the world.

I do wonder how many people actually read these and how many click on and scroll through a few photos then click away again.

I’m getting side tracked.

The thing is, chances are they didn’t have to look at their phones, they just had nothing else to do as they waited, but they could’ve been having a conversation about where they were going, or anything at all!

I wish people would speak to each other more.

The lighting and if I’m honest with myself, even the focus on these are not great.

If I didn’t have thoughts on them, I probably wouldn’t have bothered sharing them.

I figured I made this blog for my photography, and my thoughts. There was some of my thoughts!

I hope you’re enjoying my blogs, I definitely am.

I’m doing them rather selfishly for myself, because they make me happy.

If you enjoy them too, it’s really the icing on top!

All photos taken with Stx-1N/ Fomapan 200

3 thoughts on “Wales and back.

  1. I’ve been reading them 😊 coincidentally I’ve just ordered my first roll of black and white film (Kodak Tri-X). I’ve not been a big fan of black and white but have always wanted to try it and after seeing you and Phil use it it’s encouraged me to have a go, thanks! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No idea when I’ll shoot it, takes me ages to get round to shooting one roll of film πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ defo want to do some portraits with it though. Ordered some Polaroid film and some 800 speed film too 😍 x

        Liked by 1 person

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