A Few Brave Ones.

This will probably be one of my smallest batches of photos in one blog.

I don’t suppose taking photos like this will be a massive habit, so they’ll probably stay as this very small collection.

A few brave ones!

Here’s a little story….

When I was younger, (I speak like I’m old now) but you know, young teen, high school, growing up etc. etc.

I was called a lot of names.

The other students looked at me, with this unique kind of… glare.

I’d go to the toilets, and hear the “cool” girls sniggering, I remember them calling me “mic head” for my big curly hair, which is now one of the things I now really love about myself.

For the most part, I was “the weird one” and to be honest, I do know was a little bit… different.

I still am!

Bullying is not okay in any form. Kids can be really, really nasty.

I wasn’t bullied the whole time or anything, but I got pushed, yanked, and punched a good few times over the years.

I’m thankful for it now. Like most people who get picked on will tell you. You grow from it, and as a result are a stronger person.

As well as this though, I think it’s pretty deep rooted in me, that sometimes in my head, I’m still the girl that no one wants to be friends with. That, and social media pouring images of sticks, with perfect hair and clear skin constantly trying to tell me that I am not enough.

I bounce back and forth from being super content, to looking in the mirror, wondering what anyone sees as “attractive” in me.

I’m proud of myself for continuing to grow. I spend a lot more time on the super content side, than I do on the questioning one, but like everyone else, I’m just human.

A thing as simple as a rainy day can sometimes waver my happiness.

Anyway, sob story aside, I am a mostly moderately confident young lady.

Most of the time, I try to be untouchable by other peoples opinions. Care free, Strong, and not in need of reassurance or approval.

So without further ado, here are a few photos, me, being me!

I like them.

I like me.

I hope you do too.

A quick shoutout and thank you to “The Latent Image” for being fantastic with their customer service during the developing/scanning process.

These are from my first time using their service.

I’m so happy with the look and quality of the images.

I will be using their services again soon.

Thank you for reading!

Mae xx


5 thoughts on “A Few Brave Ones.

  1. Sorry to hear about your time at school, I was picked on quite a lot too and spent my whole time at high school wishing I looked like the other girls and desperately trying to fit in with the popular people. I think you’re such an inspiration to young girls, I wished I was as confident as you were at 18 and I wish there had been more girls like you to look up to when I was growing up. You rock x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are gorgeous, Mae!
    Kids are cruel, but it’s inspiring to see how confident you’ve become in yourself.
    Oh, and your hair is truly amazing. I would kill for “mic hair”

    Liked by 1 person

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