A Couple of Portraits.

Hi! Welcome!

Long time no see right!?

In the last month or so, my music has been taking me places. It’s been fabulous but sadly the blogs got temporarily pushed to one side.

All of these portraits are from my last roll.

I shot the whole thing in three days going just North of Leeds to my first two uk gigs.

I played in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

When I started shooting film, I did quite a lot of portraits. They were, and still are my favourite thing to shoot. For some reason unknown to me, it felt like I hadn’t taken many, if any, in quite a while. Throughout this trip, I kept being drawn to faces and characters.

I managed to gather this small collection of portraits and I really like them!

I’m going to start with my favourite.

This is Charlie, who owns

“Charlies Place”

Where my first gig was.

He was a very interesting man.

He was basically nocturnal, sleeps all day, plays loud music whilst getting progressively drunk smoking cigarettes on his own all night.

I know, because I was sleeping in the room above. When I say all night, I mean, All. Night.

He dressed like a cowboy, and smoked like a chimney, and felt like the Uncle I never had.

How these look will depend on the device and screen you’re looking at as they are very dark.

I hope the first photo is framed somewhere one day, where people walk past often, I imagine stopping someone looking at it. wondering about his story.

One can dream hey!


This Lad was lovely, he was working at the bar in Charlie’s the evening of my gig, I can’t for the life of me remember his name.

I sadly can remember him telling me that he didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or anything of the sort.

I also know this will bug me for a long time!

This man was the most smiley busker I’ve ever seen.

I regret going in closer for another shot, he definitely would’ve been okay with it.

I always try to give to buskers. music makes the world go round, whether its a headline act or on your street, passion is passion.

I respect that.

Speaking of passion, here is Ramone De Juan. The man who was kind enough to organise my UK gigs for me! He looked after me and David whilst we were there, fed us, leant me his p.a, and even did a little duet with me when I demanded that he join me for a song!

If you ever get the pleasure of meeting him, within ten minuites it’s like you’ve known him for years, and have a friend for life.

Well, Ramone I haven’t known you for years, but I’m sure I have a friend for life.


I always try to avoid bold lines in portraits, like the wooden sill behind his head, but I couldn’t exactly remove it and if I had asked him to move it wouldn’t of been natural, so I tried to line it up with his eyes instead.

We have reached the last portrait, this is Connor Van Looveran-Baines. What a fabulous name.

I didn’t know his name at the time, he was a complete stranger and I loved his look as I’m sure you’ll see why! He suited the look of film so well, super retro and chilled.

I’m so glad he was happy to let me take his portrait!


I hope you liked these as much as I do, see you again soon!


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