Fuji Reala D

Hello there friends!

This roll of film was the first time I’d ever shot this film.

Fuji Reala d 250, shot at 100.

Developed at 250.

I kindly got sent this roll to me free of charge by a friend I know through Instagram

(my favourite social media platform!)

During shooting this roll, I was mostly on a music collaboration trip. Working with Maltese singer songwriter Joe Roscoe.

Joe Roscoe

I enjoyed working with Joe Roscoe, it was a great new experience for me and he worked perfectly on the song I had written!

You can listen to the single on Spotify now, just search for Mae Challis!

Joe Roscoe n Me

I was pretty caught up with working on the music in the very short time we were there for, so I don’t feel like I put as much thought into the shots as I could have. Which bothers me.

Though saying that, I still very much enjoyed snapping as I went along.

I don’t travel anywhere without my film camera nowadays


The interesting thing with this roll

is that naturally and subconsciously, I shoot with warm tones in mind.

My brain wants everything to look like Kodak Portra, even though I’m yet to shoot a roll myself.

In real life, this picture was a very warm scene.

Almost desert looking, yet the film came out very blue and cold.

The cold tones with what is actually a very warm photo interests me.

I can’t decide if it looks right or wrong.

My Room

I have to show you this couple of photos from the roll!

Before heading to Malta, I took a few shots on my Island, in a far away town, called Ramsey!

Ramsey has the Islands one and only pier, and a stunning beach.

I wish I remembered more that I have a wide lense and that I really should use it.

I really do love how these turned out.

Probably my favourite from the whole roll!

The way my film camera captures light and leaks always reminds me why I chose to pay to shoot with film instead of just using digital.

Never Ending!

I don’t have all that much to say about this roll and these images.

I’m Not sure why, but I’ve struggled to write this blog.

I suppose I’m out of practice!

Either way, I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet blog.

I recently got back my first roll of Kodak Ektar 100 and I’m really looking forward to writing about that!

Thanks for reading and sticking around!

If you haven’t had enough yet be sure to check out my last blog!

Love, Mae x

mae malta-29

mae malta-34


2 thoughts on “Fuji Reala D

  1. I really like this set, the photo o f the shutter is immense. The “blue” comes from it being a tungsten based daylight film , so when shot in normal daylight you get a blueish hue to it , I like it that way. Keep taking photos and writing !


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