Consistency. It’s a thing.

Not that I’ve really heard of it, or ever been good at it.

I’ve still been shooting, but not blogging so much. Evidently.

My most recent roll was lomography 400 and I’m really proud of it.

I did a photoshoot with a lovely girl called Ashton, which I’ll be writing about next.

Before that, I wanted to say a quick hello, and share some of the other photos that were on this roll.

Me and Kev

Went exploring in the fog when I took these.

I was unsure how they’d come out, the fog was very bright and even after shooting film for over a year, I sometimes still feel like I’m guessing my way.

I was so happy when these came back!

I took a few portraits of Kev too.

I took these two of Fraser in Castletown, he’s such a lovely lad, the colour of the painting behind him really come out with this film. It’s been a long time since I shot Lomography, I think it might be a favourite of mine!

Thank You

For reading if you’re still here!

Since my last blog I have now created an Instagram account just for my film photography heart!

The account is @35mmaesea


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