A Pretty Little Emo.

Pretty Little Emo.

Ashton I should say, and she is beautiful!

A long time ago, I put out a plea on my Instagram story for models.

I was wanting to shoot a new face and challenge myself.

I got an inbox from Ashton (aka ‘prettylittleemo’ and after months (literally, months) of messaging back and forth trying to organise our lives to meet up for a shoot, we finally did!

We met in Noa Bakehouse. One of my favourite spots in town! From the start I could tell it was going to be great fun.

We talked about sexuality and growing up while eating cherry bakewell porridge and then wandered to the first nearby location I had in mind. This specific blue garage door, has drawn me back to it several times. I just hadn’t been able to get a shot I was happy with, but Ashtons almost luminous hair and with Lomography 400, these really came alive!

Ashton really was a natural.

Infront of the camera, she was calm, collected and just the perfect amount of confident. I think it came through in my photos.

I did a few experiments.

For the first time, I took a ‘prop’ with me which was this little hand held mirror.

I put thought into what I wanted to acheive before coming to the shoot, which definitely paid off.

The triple exposure didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped, but I love the double one.

It was a really fun experiment and I am now determined to master double/triple exposures!

I’m proud of them, considering I was well and truly guessing my way.

I hope you like these images of Ashton as much as I do.

When I sent them to her, I had the best reaction I’ve ever had.

When you make someone feel beautiful and appreciate themselves for who they are, it’s just wonderful.

Another big thank you to Ashton (@prettylittleemo insta) for lending me her face and giving me her time.

I looked for a model, and I ended up with a friend!

You can follow my film photography Instagram


Thanks for reading!!

Mae x


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