Thoughtless Kodak

I made my first film mistake a few rolls ago. It was my first roll of black and white, I spent 3 months putting real thought into each shot. Long story short I exposed/ruined it. I wanted to rekindle my love for film, fast. I had ordered 5 rolls of Kodak 200 to try out. […]

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Tom and a beach.

Tom is a friend of mine, he was in the year above me when we were at school. We never really spoke much when we were there, but in the coming years after that we ended up meeting and going for little adventures driving around the island eating bagels and talking about deep thoughts and […]

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Still Spain

Left Overs My Last blog was the main event when it comes to my photos in Spain, but I was going through the photos I took there and I wanted to share this little batch of shots. Sort of left overs, the good but not as good but I still like them shots. I can […]

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I went to Spain in October, with my new old camera and 36 photos to take! We wandered around several markets and enjoyed the pool. Quite the typical hot holiday, but I was really happy with what I captured. I didn’t think too much about the shots, at this point my main concern was to […]

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A Catch-Up

Since I’ve started this Blog for my photos to be seen in one place, I feel the need to go back to my first few rolls and give them their own space on here. I’m going to do a few blogs to settle myself in, where I look back on some of my favourite portraits […]

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Hello! Hello! My name is Mae Challis. I live on The Isle Of Man, a beautiful little rock in the middle of the Irish Sea. Primarily I’m a singer/songwriter/musician trying to make a living from singing my songs to whoever will listen to them! Music is my first love, but a very close second is […]

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