A Pretty Little Emo.

Pretty Little Emo. Ashton I should say, and she is beautiful! A long time ago, I put out a plea on my Instagram story for models. I was wanting to shoot a new face and challenge myself. I got an inbox from Ashton (aka ‘prettylittleemo’ and after months (literally, months) of messaging back and forth […]

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Hi! Consistency. It’s a thing. Not that I’ve really heard of it, or ever been good at it. I’ve still been shooting, but not blogging so much. Evidently. My most recent roll was lomography 400 and I’m really proud of it. I did a photoshoot with a lovely girl called Ashton, which I’ll be writing […]

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Fuji Reala D

Hello there friends! This roll of film was the first time I’d ever shot this film. Fuji Reala d 250, shot at 100. Developed at 250. I kindly got sent this roll to me free of charge by a friend I know through Instagram (my favourite social media platform!) During shooting this roll, I was […]

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A Couple of Portraits.

Hi! Welcome! Long time no see right!? In the last month or so, my music has been taking me places. It’s been fabulous but sadly the blogs got temporarily pushed to one side. All of these portraits are from my last roll. I shot the whole thing in three days going just North of Leeds […]

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A Few Brave Ones.

This will probably be one of my smallest batches of photos in one blog. I don’t suppose taking photos like this will be a massive habit, so they’ll probably stay as this very small collection. A few brave ones! Here’s a little story…. When I was younger, (I speak like I’m old now) but you […]

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Beau. My brother, my best friend, and my go to person to take photos of. I have taken more photos of my brother than anyone else, ever. Luckily I was blessed with a handsome brother, which helps a lot! Spain If you’ve followed my previous blogs you’ll know earlier last year I was in Spain. […]

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Wales and back.

My most recent film and adventure. Fomapan 200 and Wales! This is my first roll of black and white, (technically my second but you know how that went if you read my last blog “Thoughtless Kodak”.) I shot this roll, while I travelled to Wales and back to work on some music with Steve Bush. […]

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Thoughtless Kodak

I made my first film mistake a few rolls ago. It was my first roll of black and white, I spent 3 months putting real thought into each shot. Long story short I exposed/ruined it. I wanted to rekindle my love for film, fast. I had ordered 5 rolls of Kodak 200 to try out. […]

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Tom and a beach.

Tom is a friend of mine, he was in the year above me when we were at school. We never really spoke much when we were there, but in the coming years after that we ended up meeting and going for little adventures driving around the island eating bagels and talking about deep thoughts and […]

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Still Spain

Left Overs My Last blog was the main event when it comes to my photos in Spain, but I was going through the photos I took there and I wanted to share this little batch of shots. Sort of left overs, the good but not as good but I still like them shots. I can […]

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